i'm so redundant. (_unreal) wrote in periodlog,
i'm so redundant.

At my wit's end

My period's late, and I want to know why. ::Sob::
My last few month dates: May - 19th
June - 19th
July - 23rd

This month I got a horrible cough around the 22nd, so around the 25th when my period didn't come around I wasn't so worried. Now it's the 30th, and the last few days (since the night of the 27th) to today I've had a fever. It's just dwindling away now, but it reached points of 103.4, 102.9. I'm just wondering, could this be a reason I'm late? I haven't been sleeping much lately, not to mention I ALWAYS eat horrible.

I'm extremely careful with my boyfriend, so I'm just trying to ease my nerves.
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