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i came upon this article a long time ago and thought it was pretty interesting.
it's long and angry and full of profanity and it's great.

Funshine Bear, of The Carebears, was quoted as saying,
“I would like to see tampons become obsolete. They
make me sick, these corporations with their products
and their advertisements, their fucking lies. I don’t
usually use such strong language, ya know, but I truly
care about exposing and ultimately ending this

So, why are cunted people the world over saying this,
shouting it, screaming “Fuckatampon”? The reasons can
fill books and books worth of pages, and in fact this
anti-tampony has been the content of a few excellent,
but not well-known, books. And I’m going to tell you
what they are because they really deserve to be read
and because they I will reference and quote them
often. [pay attention to the ultra-revealing titles]
Karen Houppert wrote, The Curse- Confronting the Last
Unmentionable Taboo: Menstruation and Inga Muscio
wrote, *Cunt: a declaration of independence. I’m
hoping that you are thus filled with questions, like
why is it that menstruation and its source, the Cunt,
is such a taboo subject? Because it is the Tabooli of
all Taboos, in my opinion. Sixth grade mortification
that I might leak some of my blood, my secret, onto my
pants…that people could smell my brownish redness…
these fears are not innate, nor are they some strange
phenomenon only occurring in my life.
So what is this substance, this undie decorator,
anyway? Estrogen and progesterone hormones and other
natural forces tell the uterus to thicken itself up
with blood filled nutrients. If no visit from sperm
should occur, egg says bye and goes down and out the
vagina. Some call this ovulation. Sometimes about 12
days later, contrary to the myth that womyn get all
bitchy and get PMS because their raging hormones get
the better of them, estrogen and progesterone levels
actually drop and the uterus knows its time to release
it’s thick lining. This is the blood and mucus that
flows out, or in many womyn’s cases that gets sucked
up by the chemically treated fibers that we call
tampons. As Karen Houppert says, “Such simple
biological facts seem inconsistent with the elaborate
machinations we go through to hide the fact that we’re
bleeding. Yet for most womyn, the menstrual etiquette
we follow is so ingrained that we never question it.”
It’s true. It’s true. Stayfree of bodily
knowledge...don’t think or worry about what goes into
your body, be Carefree…if you use these things that we
at Personal Products Company make, you can “Feel
comfortable with who you are.” That’s right because
my old friends Christine and Laura wrote “There are a
lot of myths about tampons and some girls believe
tampons are hard to use or can hurt them. We know
that’s just not true.” And I believe them because
they wrote that in a booklet given to me in middle
school, called “Growing Up and Liking It”. Of course,
the Personal Products Company created Christine and
Laura and the booklet. Hmmm lets play Truth or
Profit. I choose Truth. But, in “the peculiarly
mapped landscape of menstrual etiquette, where beliefs
are based on superstition, shame, and sexual
self-consciousness,”* many things, including womyn’s
empowerment, Cuntlove, environmentally harmonious
products, safety monitoring of the sanitary protection
industry, open dialogue and truth DO NOT EXIST. In
the Anti-tampon movement, among Blood Sisters and
Queens of Periodia, among menstrual and environmental
and feminist activists…in our insurrection…here is
where they fly.
What does society tell us grrls? Nice girls don’t
bleed except into pure white easily disposable and
discreet places. Yes, White Is Pure. Blood and
Blackness, Darkness, Brownness- all Dirty. Good girls
have control over their bodies. They should conduct
themselves properly lest they be known as sluts.
Bleach your hair, your mustache, your clothes. We
will take care of bleaching your sugar, flour, water,
writing paper, toilet paper, diapers, tampons and
pads. There is racism apparent in the products for
sale and in the advertising, but you can choose not to
put up with it and not to put this hatred up in your
crotch, or in your belly for that matter.
Interestingly enough, this bleaching process which we
are led to think improves these objects, actually
makes them more harmful. Bleaching sugars and flours
strips the grains of their nutrients. It is done for
purely aesthetic values, but whose aesthetics and
whose values are these? Bleaching tampons and pads
does not, as is commonly believed, sterilize them. It
simply makes them white. Oh yeah and fills them up
with chemicals. But…doesn’t everybody know there are
certain things that just are A Certain Way? What
other ways are there and why haven’t we known about
“By defining how womyn think and talk about
menstruation, men- the mostly male CEO’s of companies
manufacturing menstrual products, as well as
advertising executives, religious leaders, and sex-ed
authors- have set a tone that shapes womyn’s
experiences for them, defining what they are allowed
to feel about their bodies, and what they are allowed
to feel about their sexuality. Menstrual etiquette
matters because womyn are being manipulated.”* So
show me this taboo, this etiquette, you might say,
give me an example. Have you noticed that people refer
to menstruation by talking around what is actually
going on? “Most current TV advertising guidelines
demand such vagueness, insisting, as NBC does, that
ads for menstrual products meet ‘the stringent
standards of good taste’ by modest references to
‘grooming,’ ‘freshness,’ and ‘femininity,’ and
discouraging, in most cases, the inclusion of men or
children in the ads. There are also rules, which vary
from affiliate to affiliate, specifying when such ads
can air…”* The wonderful world of Disney forbids
feminine hygiene commercials from entering their land
of programming altogether. While close to half the
population has to deal with blood flowing out of their
vaginas at some point in time, this reality is nowhere
to be found in popular culture or the media. But we
are changing that.
Tampons are affecting your body just as they are
affecting the environment. In fact, the vagina is
like a little ecosystem and tampons mess with its
moisture levels, pH balance, and cycle of
precipitation. Rayon is another villain born of chip
mills and all tampons made by the mainstream companies
have rayon in them. I’ll let a neighbor of P&G tell
you bout this first:
“We live near the Procter & Gamble/Buckeye cellulose
(chlorine-bleaching) pulp mill in Perry, Florida,
where chips from pine trees are made into cellulose
for tampons, disposable diapers, tires, etc. That
expensively produced, finely bleached cellulose
product is then turned into rayon…They use chips
mainly in this process, but also to burn as fuel to
make electricity…Now, all the cellulose from this mill
(actually two mills, one chlorine-bleaching, the other
chlorine dioxide-bleaching) contains dioxins -
obviously, from the bleaching processes. You'd never
get them to admit that, in fact, they strongly argue
that Procter & Gamble doesn't even use CHLORINE any
more, while the chlorine tank cars are entering the
mill. Fact never has stopped them from lying.”
[here, have some chemistry] Chlorine is a heavy
greenish yellow gas used as a bleach, an oxidizing
agent and a disinfectant. It’s also used to make
plastics, pesticides, solvents and to treat sewage….
Chlorine is a common link and root cause of many
global environmental problems like dioxin
contamination, PCB pollution, DDT poisoning, human
health effects from Agent Orange exposure, and ozone
destroying CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons). Chlorine binds
to organic matter, such as cotton, to produce
chemicals called organochlorines. The majority of
organochlorines are very stable and they will not
break down in the environment for hundreds of years.
These chlorine-based poisons have a bad tendency to
bioaccumulate, meaning that over time they build up in
the body fat of humans and other animals. If you want
to cut down on your dioxin intake you can become
vegetarian or vegan and stop using bleached products.
I’ve heard that in becoming vegan you can cut down on
your dioxin intake by something like 90%. (If you
have this option why not choose it?) If you don’t cut
down, because each person has a unique level at which
this build up of dioxins becomes critical, you can’t
know when it will trigger a wide range of health
problems. Well known effects of chronic
organochlorine contamination include hormonal
disruption, infertility, and lowered sperm counts,
immune system suppression, learning disabilities,
behavioral changes, and damage to the skin, liver and
kidneys. Dioxin, is one of these infamous
organochlorines, and is known to impair reproduction
and the immune system at even the smallest doses,
measured in parts per trillion. No level of chlorine
use/dioxin exposure can be considered safe.
[warning: short anti-capitalist rant] It is not that
hard for companies to get away with polluting our
world with dioxins because it is invisible to the eye,
and hey, seeing is believing I hear. If you can’t use
your five physical senses then you have to use your
intuition or your intellect, which is why materialism
is promoted in our culture and capitalism thrives off
So is dioxin in tampons? A March 1989 FDA memo states
that the risk of dioxins in tampons “can be quite
high.” The memo stated “the most effective
risk-management strategy would be to assure that
tampons… contain no dioxin,” but surfuckingprise the
FDA never tested tampons. The FDA did though,
contribute to our lives, by deleting a sentence from
its final report on dioxin and medical devices. The
sentence said, “It appears that the most significant
risks may occur in tampon products.”* So lets play
Truth or Profit again. This time we’ll play with a
few friendlymenfolks. Melvin Stratmeyer, chief of the
health sciences branch of the FDA, picked Profit and
said that tampons pose absolutely no health risk for
womyn. (He used data supplied by the tampon companies
to back that shit up.) Okay, well Bruce Garren,
Tambrands spokesperson, played in 1992 and he chose
Profit too, saying, “there are no significant dioxin
levels in our product.”* Hey everybody, lets let this
guy decide what is significant in our lives -aw yeah!
Then one time, this same guy, he said, “Chlorine is
used in creating the rayon in tampons; however no
residue of that is left in tampons.”* Tampons only
contain “trace levels,” said Mr. Tampax, and “I
believe dioxin in tampons poses no public health
threat.”* So I play and I pick Truth. Truth? Well I
am not gonna trust these guys, instead, I am going to
ask who is really benefiting, how and why? The
Brilliant author of The Curse, brings up this question
when she asks, “And finally, why are tampons five
times the price (plus tax!) of the cotton balls they
share supermarket shelves with? Who’s getting rich
off menstruation? And how far will they go to turn a
Wow, all this can become closer to irrelevant if we
all just break out of these traps and stop consuming
these products. Tambrands says “the consumer we
attract today will likely stay with us for all the
years of her menstrual cycle.”* Proctor and Gamble
say they intend to double Tambrands 1998 yearly sales
of $662 million over the next decade. The Queens of
Periodia say Oh no no. This shall not happen because
as I said Cunted peoples all over and their non-Cunted
friends are saying Fuckatampon and fuck those pitiful
disposable pads. And let me just say, because they
suck so much, fuck proctor and fuck gamble, and oh yes
I will elaborate. Proctor and Gamble, testers of
products on animals, supporters of incredible
injustices and the dictatorship in Burma, sponsors of
the WTO conference in Seattle, Pringles makers,
producers of Always pads and one of the largest
corporations in the US, bought Tambrands, producers of
Tampax tampons, for $1.85 billion dollaz. I could go
on but I’ll just say if you haven’t already stopped
buying their products…now please. Stop. They also
made infamous super absorbent Rely tampons. These
tampons were linked to the deaths of thirty-eight
womyn due to toxic shock syndrome. So here’s a little
story so-oh-oh similar to what is happening right now.
If you call any of the tampon companies, as many of
us have experienced, they will dismiss your words and
assure you that tampons are safe and would you like
some sample products sent to your house in a neat
brown package? (“So no one will know”). Although
Proctor and Gamble was getting 177 plus complaints
about Rely a month, it dismissed them and told their
salespeople to use these same tactics. And so,
Marketing Week stated, “P&G’s corporate image was
badly tarnished. It emerged from the affair looking
like a reckless corporate bully that put profit before
the lives of its customers. But consumers’ memories
are notoriously short, and few remember the details of
the debacle in the U.S., let alone in other parts of
the world.” Well, wow. So let me then wonder, do you
really want to be a consumer? The solution lies in
DIY pads. “Yay! its fun not to be such a sucka and
make your own reusable cloth blood catchers,” said the
And so I’ll begin this section about alternatives
with some Cuntal inspiration… Inga lets us know, “When
I unconsciously relegated the right to be in charge of
how I bleed to various commercial and corporate
entities who have no interest in me as a living being,
much less as womyn, the distribution of my power did
not serve me. Feminine hygiene corporations fund the
lives of a small percentage of men who remain in power
because they are so good at convincing us ladies that
the most natural and convenient thing for us to do is
to give them ours.” First and foremost, I advocate
using homemade pads. One can do so many things with
your hands and a bit of cloth. Safety pin or hand
stitch or even tie a piece of towel or a bandana or a
sock into the crotch of undies. Wear a few pairs of
them underwear, with or without a pad. You can get a
pattern free and/or perty pads from me
tendiryoni@y..., for a few dollars which goes
into directly supporting this campaign. Or, order some
from one of the links listed at (although
watchout because this site has awesome links but they
are trying to sell you some oxyboost junk that you
probly don’t need). It’s very important that you let
yourself flow. If you want to be most in tune with
your body you’ll probly want to use these or bleed
into the tub or onto paper and make some blood art, at
least most of the time. Other options include using
sea sponges which can be found at
or in the cosmetic section of supermarkets or in your
local health food store. I tried these when I was
running around for a few hours and I liked em for
temporary periods of physical activity. They occur
naturally and it is said, but not necessarily
believed, that as they are harvested, millions of egg
and sperm cells are released into the surrounding
water so that they are “a renewable resource that
provides an ecologically sound product for menstrual
use”. Anyway, if I were to rank the alternatives to
the Evil Namebrand Tampons this choice of sponges
would be around number three , just behind the Keeper.
(Actually number four or lower because I seriously
do advocate just bleeding around. The Ideal Phone
rings…hello? “Hey grrrl whachou doin today?” Oh hey!
I’m just bleedin around the house today. But later I
might go out to a stream in the mountains with some
other bleeding sisters and do massage in the dark of
the new moon…) So on to the Keeper. This is a
reusable soft rubber internally worn menstrual cup.
It can be used for ten or more years and it is rubber
gum that is tapped from trees, made into this blood
receptacle by a womyn owned and worked company, so
that’s all perty good. Some womyn have gotten bad
infections from using them, and some womyn love em to
death. The key is you must listen to your body. I
think the reason people have gotten infections is
cause Cunts don’t like things being up inside them
except for fairly short periods of orgasmic time and
some of them are more sensitive than others. Each of
the above mentioned options allows womyn to get more
in touch with the way their bodies work. This is an
amazing experience, in fact it’s also the cure to
“PMS”. Cunt says, “Bleeding on sea sponges, rags, and
Blood Towels may seem undesirable when affiliated with
commonly accepted standards for absorbing blood flow.
But these “inconveniences” are founded solely upon our
indoctrination in this society. Spending time with
your blood is a constructive action. Bleeding every
month is a part of life that we are taught to ignore.
When we choose, literally, to see it we open up to our
actual reality as cuntlovin’ womyn.” Then there is an
option that some bleeders like to use when they first
find out about all this and become overwhelmed and are
understandably not ready to make these big steps right
away. This option is using tampons that are not
chlorine bleached and do not contain rayon. Many of
these companies, like Natracare were started by womyn
so that other womyn would not have to subject
themselves to dioxin and could decrease their chances
of getting nasty yeast infections and dis-eases like
Toxic Shock Syndrome. As Inga the Word Cunt points
out, if “you were to decide that using rags and
sponges was impossible except when you are home at
night, that’d still cut your dependency on large
corporations’ products anywhere from 20 to 50
percent.” The cruciality of the situation is that
beginning new rituals and breaking old patterns and
addictions is difficult and much needed.
Shout revolution sistas! Shout revolution brothas!
What we need is Action/Strategy!! Do fun creative art
action stuff including dumping out receptacles in
bathrooms and leaving your statement in the form of
graffiti, stickers, wheatpasted flyers, lipsticked
mirrors or whatever suits your fancy. Collect these
bloodblockers from people in your area in exchange for
information and alternative products and Be a part of
the HUGE tampon sendback on Earthday, April 22nd. We
want to inundate these companies with letters and then
one day hey tampons and pads in the mailbox galore
along with our demands for change and our block
lettered refusal of the shit they tryin to sell us.
April is an exciting month because, you see, it starts
off with a conference dedicated to this uprising in
Harrisonburg Virginia. (email jmuequal@y... for
details) and then goes right into the larger scale
fight for global justice in DC ( and then
the last weekend of the month Direct Tamponic Action,
courtesy of the Student Environmental Action Coalition
(SEAC). This is their national campaign
( Want to be a part of the
coordinating committee? You don’t have to be a
student. I’m not. YOUR IT. Educate your friends.
“Copy me”, said the article and spread me and my
friends all over this land… isn’t your land…this land
isn’t my land…this land is no one’s land…lalalala…this
land could be beau ti ful but we rape it…so please
take priv ate pro per ty away… Okay while I was busy
singing, I hope you decided to shout Fuckatampon!
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